How NOT to Run Out of Money

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How NOT to Run Out of Money

An Educational Class for Women, Teaching How to Create Guaranteed Income for Life

This course addresses the unique challenges and concerns women face in retirement. The good news is, no matter what their situation is, there’s something they can do right now to protect themselves, avoid common mistakes, and create a paycheck for life, no matter how long they live. Come join us to learn how to protect your family from the biggest mistakes in Retirement Planning and multiple ways to create guaranteed Income for Life.

Created in partnership with Holly Buchanan, an acclaimed author, speaker and consultant specializing in empowering women to make sound financial decisions.



Retirement University
Education Building
123 Main Street
City, State 12345



Thursday, November 20th
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Course Code: COURSECODE1234


Course Outline

Women everywhere are asking:

  • “How can I make sure I don’t run out of money?”
  • “How can I maintain my lifestyle after retirement?”
  • “What happens if the market crashes?”

Topics include:

  • The three biggest mistakes in retirement planning
  • Why women need to make their money work harder
  • Multiple ways to create guaranteed income for life
  • Money personality types
  • Long-term care
  • How to talk to family about money
  • And much more!



Tuition is $18. Spouses may attend at no cost. An additional workbook for your spouse/guest may be purchased for $6.


To Register

Call (800) 123-4567


Course Participation

If you are looking for answers to how to create a retirement with guaranteed lifetime income for your family, this course is for you. If you are concerned about your current retirement accounts or maybe just want to be more confident in your current plan, you will believe this course is time and money well spent.

The best way to profit from this course is to participate in the classroom discussions as you feel comfortable.

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How NOT to Run Out of Money

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