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Conservative Retirement Planning Course

A Classroom Course for Adults, Teaching the Principles of Retirement Planning

The ABC Retirement Planning Model was developed for people ages 50 and up who would like to have an alternative to a high-risk approach to financial and retirement planning. For most conservative investors, the typical Wall Street approach doesn’t give them the peace of mind to sleep well at night, leaving them instead to worry that their assets may not last as long as they do. This comprehensive, multi-session course was developed to address the biggest concerns and challenges most Americans face when planning for retirement.

In these 2 informative sessions, we will cover the essentials of a sound retirement plan and break down key concepts in easy-to-understand terms. You will leave with a much better understanding of retirement planning and have the tools, insights, and proven strategies that you need to make informed decisions and confidently build a retirement plan that will meet your specific needs and goals.



Retirement University
Education Building
123 Main Street
City, State 12345
(You will be notified of the room assignment prior to the class start date.)



Thursdays (2 Session Course)
June 4th and 11th
6:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Course Code: COURSECODE1234


Our courses are taught at over 125 colleges nationwide!

Who Should Attend

If you are concerned about your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other investment or retirement account, and you want to be more confident in the decisions you make, you should attend. If you are looking for ways to protect yourself from the roller coaster ride of the financial markets and information on how to select the optimal Social Security distribution strategy, you should attend. If you are looking for an investment model and process that is easy to understand and implement, you should attend.

Why You Should Attend

This course will provide you with tools, insights, and proven strategies that will allow you to build a retirement plan that you are confident will achieve the goals you set for your retirement. Some of the practical knowledge includes strategies that reduce tax payments, manage planning risks, and create an income stream in retirement that will last your lifetime.


Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction & Workshop Goals

Introduction to the workshop and setting up your workshop goals.

Section 2: The Need for a New Model

The days of pensions are disappearing and Social Security is in jeopardy! Today, retirees are forced to adapt to new rules which, in many cases, they have never played by in the past. Section 2 will cover ways to address these new rules, adjust to shifting paradigms, gain perspective on Wall Street myths, and learn about common retirement planning mistakes.

Section 3: The ABC Model

In Section 3, we will discuss the “Color” of Money: What is Yellow Money, Red Money, and Green Money, and what assets comprise them? Students will learn how to allocate the proper assets to each category. We will discuss how the ABC Model can help students in Bull Markets, and save them in Bear Markets.

Section 4: Retirement Planning Issues

This section will address the number one need in retirement… INCOME. The students will learn how to plan to have enough and stay ahead of the inflation curve. We begin that process by reviewing Social Security distribution options and exploring ways to maximize those distributions. For most Americans, their largest asset going into retirement is their 401(k), 403(b), or IRA. In this section, we will go into great depth on how to preserve those accounts from the devastation of taxes and Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Section 5: Making Your Own ABC Plan

In our final section, the students will learn how to create their own ABC Plan. We will discuss the planning process in great length, including the “Seven Steps to Building Your ABC Plan.” We will also discuss how to use the tools for planning that are in the workbook to make sure the plan is designed to suit the students’ true needs.


Tools for Planning

  • A Workbook – Specifically designed to follow and support the classroom instruction
  • Asset Review Forms – Includes two forms to use in planning: Issues & Goals and Financial Planning Data Form
  • Retirement Budget Forms – Provides a comprehensive budgeting form for retirement needs
  • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire – Provides a simple 7 question Risk Assessment Questionnaire



Tuition is $49. Spouses may attend at no cost. An additional workbook for your spouse/guest may be purchased for $19.


To Register

Call (800) 123-4567


Course Participation

If you are looking for answers to what happens to your plans when the financial markets experience a downward trending bear, and what you can do to limit the exposure you have to it, this course is for you. If you are concerned about your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement accounts or maybe just want to be more confident in your current plan, you will believe this course is time and money well spent.

The best way to profit from this course is to read the assigned textbooks, do the assigned homework and participate in the classroom discussions as you feel comfortable.

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Conservative Retirement Planning

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